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Artikel in het boek Place & Location

The notion of place and location in urban areas seems to be vanishing, due to the growing importance of mobility, and appears to be in conflict with larger developments caused by the processes of globalization. The focus on mobility has reduced urban space to an indistinct collection of pathways and impersonal territories. The possibility of the public realm as an instrument for shaping society seems to have been forgotten. Our interest is in developing urban and architectural tactics for sites in the changing urban landscape. We intend to discover and collect hidden layers in the urban landscape and to use these as triggers for urban activity.

nieuws, openbare ruimte, publicaties & lezingen, 2006  ]

‘Place and Location: Studies in Environmental Aesthetics and Semiotics’ is an annual periodical for interdisciplinary research concerning human-environment relationships and representations of environment.

I.s.m. Klaske Havik
Redactie: Eva Näripea, Virve Sarapik, Jaak Tomberg
Verschenen: 2006, Tallinn
ISSN: 1736-2326

gepubliceerd op: 15 november 2006