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Prague Quadrennial on Performance Design and Space 2015

Between Realities - fight, flee, shelter, negotiate or surrender - is a research project in the public space of Praha 1, the city centre of Prague. It consists of small scale interventions, cartographic explorations, public discussions and a real-time publishing installation. The project received an golden award for the best curatorial concept.

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Each day a team of artists/designers critically explores and intervenes in the many staged realities that are to be found around the Prague Quadriennal 2015 venues. They focus on the tension between the emerging Disneyfication and theatricalisation of the inner city and the continuation of daily life in Prague. They will use their scenographical tools and views to map realities of commerce, tourism, history, politics, labour and art; to expose or question their scenography, or even transform it. How do these realities work? How are they staged? And how do people cope with them? Do we flee, fight, shelter, negotiate or surrender?

What is their scenography and what does this scenography do to how people act, think, perceive and experience? And most importantly, how do all these different realities relate to each other and how do we cope with its complexity?


Initiator & organisation: Platform Scenografy

Curators: Sanne Danz, Sigrid Merx, Iris Schutten en Ester van de Wiel

gepubliceerd op: 11 juni 2015