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Lectures investigating Social Arts and Design / WdKA

Beyond social is an open program at the WIllem de Kooning Academy, University of applied sciences in Rotterdam in which social art and design are presented and discussed. Social design & art is an emerging field of practice where transitions in todays society form the point of departure. Imagination is used to shape projects that change relationships.

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Beyond Social #1 What the **** are Social Practices?
25 september 2014

Tabo Goudswaard on Social Practices (EN)
Tabo Goudswaard is an artist/social designer. He designs new ways of looking at complex social issues. This provides the opportunity to work together with stakeholders on new perspectives in multidisciplinary teams. He is the initiator and projectleader of SOCIALDESIGNFORWICKEDPROBLEMS, a public inquiry into the deployment of social design for tough problems.

Sabrina Lindemann on Working Methods (NL)
Artist / urban curator Sabrina Lindemann is projectleader of Mobile office OpTrek, a cultural laboratory for interactions and investigation in urban transition areas. OpTrek applies specific working methods that offer durable design solutions to strengthen economic, social and cultural structures. OpTrek realized projects like Hotel Transvaal*-*****, verblijf in de Tussentijd, Citycamp Castricum and the beer brand De Binckse Belofte and currently works on the project ReSourceCity Binckhorst.


Beyond Social #2

16 October 2014

Beyond Social #3
17-21 November 2014 Redesigning Business

Beyond Social #4
11 december 2014

This is the first public event in the open program Beyond Social, investigating art & design in fields of transition, WdKA Hogeschool Rotterdam. Next events are , 17-21 November (Redesigning Business) & 11 december.

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